The fastest and most effective way for men to lose weight

American weight-loss experts have found that people who usually go on a diet to achieve the goal of losing weight will rebound in varying degrees in 2-3 years or less. They divide the extent of these rebounds into three areas: the green zone refers to the rebound below 5 kg, the yellow zone refers to the rebound between 5 and 10 kg, and the rebound over 10 kg is classified as the red zone.

So, men also need a lot of perseverance to lose weight. In addition to a balanced diet, persistent exercise and fitness are also essential. At the same time, the use of supplementary weight will multiply the effect of exercise and fitness, and better control of their weight.

Fatty food accounts for 25% of the staple food, protein food accounts for 15%, 8 points per meal is the most ideal, and ensure to eat enough vegetables and fruits, the best meal with a vegetable and fruit. More importantly, reduce the intake of high-calorie food. For each meal, eat vegetables first. After about 3 minutes of satiety, eat other foods. Try not to eat meat.

Many office workers reflect that they are too busy to exercise on time. In fact, sports need to rely on self-awareness, as long as you know how to use the gap anytime, anywhere you can exercise. For example, when the computer is on, it can get up and move, walk to pour a cup of water, or it can also be considered as a sport, or wait for elevators, buses and other metros can also be in-situ tread movement. As long as the body keeps moving regularly, it can burn calories. Men are advised not to drive to and from work every day. Sometimes walking to the bus or climbing stairs to your destination can help you consume the excess fat left in your body the night before.


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