When should you drink when you lose weight?

Except for red wine, which is slightly nutritious, other wines have almost no nutritional ingredients. Alcohol is metabolized into glycogen or fat by your liver and stored in the liver, as is the case with alcoholic and fatty liver in long-term drinkers. And later glycogen is released into the body and continues to turn into fat.

So why do you have a beer belly when you drink too much beer? It’s because how much beer you drink is basically converted to how much fat.

Drinking is a big taboo for losing weight. Alcohol is totally pure calories, and the basic amount of alcohol consumed will be completely converted into fat. The key is that alcohol has more calories than fat itself, and it absorbs a lot of water and releases a lot of calories when it is metabolized.

So drinking alcohol is basically the same as drinking oil directly. And alcohol can also stimulate the stomach to increase appetite, so when we drink, we will unconsciously eat more. Drinking = high calorie + high moisture + high appetite. So throughout the world, the theory of weight loss, alcohol has always been a big taboo, because its impact on weight loss is basically destructive! Be careful!


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