Why did you gain weight at the beginning of losing weight by exercise?

Some friends want to lose weight by exercising, so they do exercise very actively every day, but after exercising for a period of time, they find that the weight has not decreased, but increased, and do not know what caused it. So what are the causes of weight gain in the initial stage of exercise weight loss? Here are two main reasons for weight gain after exercise.

Some friends gain weight at the beginning of losing weight by exercising, not because they have not lost fat, but because they have gained muscle after exercising. Generally speaking, people who exercise more intensively consume less fat than their increased muscle weight, so they look thin, but their weight is heavier before they lose weight. It eventually leads to weight gain in the early stages of exercise weight loss. It should be noted that weight gain caused by muscle gain is not harmful, but beneficial to health.

Some friends keep exercising every day to lose weight, but they neglect to control their diet. As we all know, people tend to feel hungry after exercise. If they increase their food intake after exercise, then the energy consumed by exercise is supplemented by diet. Even the ability of diet supplementation is more than that of exercise consumption, which is the reason for weight gain in the early stage of exercise weight loss.


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