Aerobic exercise can reduce fat fast

Many people do not know how to exercise to play their greatest advantage, some people may do exercise on the basis of combining some fitness food to help themselves lose weight. In fact, we don’t need to buy some anti-drug and weight-loss fitness products, as long as we pay attention to a little details of life can be healthy thin down.

First of all, we need to make sure that we have more carbohydrates every day, because fat decomposition is an oxidative metabolism. In the first stage of your exercise, your body’s energy supply comes mainly from water and glycogen in your body. When you’ve reached the point where you’ve exhausted a certain amount, you start to burn your fat.

Fat oxidation is mainly accomplished by carbohydrate supplementation in the body, and by complete oxidation and incomplete oxidation. If you don’t eat, the same amount of water in your body will be replenished in time, but dieting is not a healthy way, it’s better to keep your normal diet.

In aerobic exercise, to ensure adequate intake of carbon and water, can be conducive to the occurrence of complete oxidation of fat, in order to reduce the burden on the body. If you don’t know how to replenish carbohydrate, you can eat more bananas. Bananas have low calorie and high carbohydrate. A banana before you exercise can quickly replenish your energy.


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