Treatment Principles and Common Misconceptions of Sports Injury

As long as the people who persist in sports for a long time, they can hardly avoid the topic of sports injury. The purpose of our sports is for health, but sports itself is also a certain risk, so it is very important for sports to learn more about sports injuries and establish a correct concept of first aid in peacetime. It can not only help us correctly deal with all kinds of possible injuries, but also be the basis of first aid for other athletes in some unexpected situations.

The first principle of sports injury must be rest. Whether it is acute injury such as muscle strain, joint dislocation, ankle sprain, leg cramp, or chronic injury such as meniscus injury, rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, running knee, weight lifting waist, rest is very necessary. Injuries often affect the motor function of muscles, bones and joints. If we blindly pursue the intensity of exercise, or even exercise with injuries, it will often aggravate the degree of injury, or even cause irreversible damage. Therefore, we must not insist that our condition is not very serious. The rest and braking must rest long enough according to the doctor’s advice.

It is not appropriate to put in exercise immediately after recovery of sports injury. It is better to have advanced functional exercises for a certain period of time. Especially when the rest time is longer, such as dislocation, fracture, chronic sports injury, muscle weakness and atrophy will occur, and bone density will be reduced accordingly. Immediate exercise at this time may induce sports injury again. Therefore, the exercise after injury recovery should gradually increase the intensity, step by step, not be in a hurry to achieve.

Not all injuries can be alleviated by massage, nor is every stage of injury suitable for massage. Therefore, before massage, it must be clear whether the stability of joints and bones is restored, whether internal bleeding still exists in muscles and soft tissues, and so on. The injury recommended by massage can often be carried out together with hot compress. In particular, it should be reminded that cervical massage, because of the particularity of atlantoaxial joint, makes cervical massage has a great risk of spinal cord injury, so we must choose carefully.


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