What Causes Obesity

Undoubtedly, it is a problem that makes contemporary girls feel distressed. In this “heavy taste” era, soft, waxy, sweet and fat are inseparable, hot and sour stimulation and soaring body weight complement each other, and even walking at night makes girls not only dangerous criminals, but also the snack stands and dairy tea shops that you will inevitably linger on the streets, as if in the era of rapid development and Popular food is inevitably linked, the former makes the mind grow rapidly, the latter makes the body expand rapidly.

When girls murmur the slogan “Eat less at the next meal, lose weight at the next meal” and “How can you lose weight if you don’t have enough”. Have you ever thought about what food you eat less? What is food that is full but not fleshy? First of all, to lose weight, we must give up greasy and high-calorie food. If we want to break off painfully with several kinds of delicacies, cheese, barbecue, hot pot and sugar will be the first to bear the brunt. Less oil, less sugar and less calories are the basic principles of weight loss.

Girls are unhappy at this time. All of these are their favorites. What have they quit eating? Well, the crueler thing is still ahead. Carbonated drinks are not allowed. Girls should drink more hot water. But although it’s weight loss, you can’t work too hard on your mouth and stomach, otherwise the joy of life will really be exhausted. The food that you shouldn’t eat to lose weight is clear. Let’s talk about what food you can eat.


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