What should you pay attention to during weight loss

Oranges contain a lot of organic acids. Sugar in oranges, we all know that sugar is one of the elements of calorie generation, and calorie is linked to fat, so if you want to lose weight, oranges must not be less or eat less. When fasting, oranges must not be eaten, which will lead to the addition of gastric acid, thus causing pantothenic acid in the spleen and stomach, full of depression. Another point is that oranges must not be eaten before going to bed, especially for those with slow gastrointestinal diseases.

Tomatoes have a high nutritional value. Many sisters like to eat them. In fact, tomatoes are rich in persimmon gum phenol, pectin and other ingredients. Those elements are easy to react with the stomach acid of our body, resulting in coagulation into some lumps, and are not easy to dissolve. Those lumps may cause some blockages, which can cause increased pressure in the stomach and further cause stomach swelling and pain.

Hawthorn is sweet and sour. It belongs to acid fruit. People like to eat Hawthorn after meals to help digestion. But if hawthorn is eaten on an empty stomach, it will stimulate the stomach and cause serious stomach disease.


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