It’s very unscientific to simply diet to lose weight

Many people choose diet to lose weight. In fact, diet alone is very unscientific. It not only causes malnutrition, but also tends to rebound. So the best way is to diet and exercise. The diet here is not to eat nothing, Lord. If it means that the supply of body energy must be guaranteed, under such a premise, moderate diet, combined with their own time to arrange good exercise, before and after exercise can not eat and drink, and after two hours after dinner exercise will be better, after exercise to supplement some energy, a large number of supplements is to be in An hour later, but at this time can not eat and drink, such safety is a more reasonable way to lose weight, and it is not easy to rebound.

If you have the habit of getting up early, you can exercise at this time, but it is not good for your stomach to exercise when you are full. So don’t exercise immediately after breakfast. When you get up, your blood sugar is relatively low. You should supplement some energy before exercise, such as drinking a cup of honey water or eating a piece of bread. Exercise 1 is better. Eat breakfast after an hour and a half. If time is not allowed, you can eat a small amount of breakfast 30 minutes after the end of the exercise.

Diet plus exercise weight loss rebound? I believe that many people are very concerned about this issue, all people are very disgusted with the rebound after hard to achieve weight loss effect, but in life many people have encountered this situation, but for diet plus exercise weight loss is not easy to rebound.


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