Obese people want to lose weight quickly

Good health is the best protection for family members. This sentence is no stranger to regular fitness people. The rapid economic development, the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, and the increasing number of high-calorie food on the table have made great changes in our bodies, and some obese people have followed it.

These obese people, including our office workers and students studying at school, really make parents headache. Obesity will bring us inconvenience in activities, affect our intelligence, and seriously affect our physical health. Quickly reducing fat will become the goal and dream of people’s fitness. Three fat-reducing exercises Ways to help your dreams come true!

The body kneels on the carpet, arms straight and vertical ground, so that the palm is perpendicular to the shoulder joint, the distance between the arms is the same width as the shoulder, and the body is propped up. When doing this action, we should pay attention to the waist not collapse and do not arch the waist, back and buttocks, as long as the body maintains a neutral position, the abdomen and buttocks can be tightened while exercising. The buttocks and legs alternately lift the knees to the chest so that the knees touch the chest, keep the body stable and the knees contract. This will make the fat burning in your abdomen more intense. When we do this exercise, the intensity of exercise can gradually increase, 40 in each group on the first day, 20 in turn on the second and third days. For fitness novice, do 20 in each group on the first day, and gradually increase the number of training as their body adapts.


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