It’s inconvenient to lose weight by running in winter

Skipping rope is a very simple sport, as long as a rope, you can start to lose weight and shape at any time and anywhere. Even in the process of visiting relatives and friends during the New Year, it is very convenient to carry, and the requirements for the venue are not high. But the impact of rope skipping on the knee joint is relatively large, you babies had better use the method of every other day, so that our knee joint has a buffer rest gap.

There are two kinds of swimming in winter, one is winter swimming, the other is swimming in indoor constant temperature swimming pool. Babies with general physical fitness are better off choosing the latter. Swimming is very good for burning fat and exercising muscles all over the body. When swimming, the body consumes four times as many calories as it does on land. Generally speaking, an hour of swimming can consume 2200 calories. But after swimming, people easily feel hungry. At this time, we must strictly control the intake of fat, starch and sugar, in order to avoid wasting our exercise time.

After winter, the most popular device in many gyms is the dynamic bicycle. When riding a bicycle, people’s legs, buttocks, back and arm muscles can be fully burned, even at low speed, an hour of dynamic bicycle can consume 360 calories. And with the help of sports equipment, can make weight loss less boring, in the initial stage of fat burning, cycling is a good choice. But in many sports, the consumption of bicycle riding is not the largest, so it is better to take this exercise as the beginning of all sports, or muscle relaxation exercise after the completion of the overall fitness, in order to ensure the effectiveness of weight loss exercise.


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