How to Exercise to Lose Weight Efficiently

Obesity has been increasing year by year in recent years, which also makes more people begin to pay attention to the knowledge of exercise weight loss. But for many people who want to lose weight, the news they get is incorrect. That is to say, people’s thirst for knowledge contributes to the existence of rumors.

I believe many of our friends have heard of the theory that only by exercising continuously for more than 40 minutes can we burn fat. That’s probably what they said.

At the beginning of exercise, the body only consumes glycogen but not fat. Only after 40 minutes of continuous exercise can the body consume glycogen completely. At this time, the body begins to consume fat.

This theory can be said to be full of loopholes, but it has been widely spread by many people. If it is really so difficult to lose weight by exercising, then I will not start exercising. You think, keep exercising for forty minutes before starting to burn fat.

In fact, this theory is a solid rumor. First of all, the human body uses a mixed energy supply. That is to say, since you take the first step, you have begun to lose fat, but with the passage of exercise time, the proportion of fat will be higher.


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