What kinds of weight-loss exercises are suitable for middle-aged people?

Running is a simple aerobic exercise, which can be carried out anytime, anywhere, not affected by the venue, and suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to lose weight, because it can help burn fat in the process of running. Running helps the brain secrete endorphins, relaxes tense bones, helps the body metabolize adrenaline, alleviates anxiety, and requires four three kilometers of jogging a week to relieve mood and prevent obesity.

However, excessive running can increase the injury of leg joints. The elderly try to choose the right shoes when running, and choose the soft ground to run, recommending the choice of mud or grass, etc. It takes 10 minutes to warm up before you start running, and stretching after you finish running to prevent lactic acid accumulation.

Swimming can relax the muscles of the whole body, reduce the damage to joints and help to lose weight. Just 30 minutes of Freestyle every day, four times a week. Usually choose a regular swimming pool, the water in the pool is chlorinated, chlorinated water may bring some irritation to the skin, eyes or hair, so try to wear a hat or glasses.


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