How about the effect of liposuction on weight loss

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to liposuction and weight loss. Of course, not all people are very confident about this method. There are also many female friends who have questioned the effect and health of liposuction. So they have not chosen this method for a long time. So how about the effect of liposuction and weight loss?

Ultimately, how to achieve the effect needs to vary from person to person. In addition to weight loss is fat, and the effect of liposuction on weight loss is limited. Usually, how many milliliters does a doctor absorb, and then according to the calculation method of 1,000 milliliters equaling 1.6 kilograms, you can probably know how much weight you can lose after liposuction. Wake up everyone, the amount of liposuction can not exceed 3,000 ml at a time, and 5,000 ml is the maximum limit, so the effect of liposuction once weight loss will not be higher than 5 kg.

However, liposuction weight loss to achieve the effect of shaping is very good, that is to say, the real effect of liposuction weight loss lies in shaping, so that the local more beautiful and slender, weight loss is not only the weight loss we see on the surface, the real is to lose a good figure, liposuction weight loss is generally aimed at the local, but only to reduce fat rather than water, so that the local. The result is more obvious. And the body-building effect achieved is not easy to rebound, exercise weight loss will not only reduce fat, but also reduce the moisture in the body, and people’s body moisture will be quickly supplemented, so it is easy to rebound, and liposuction is to extract the fat from people’s body, fat will split and accumulate, we should pay attention to adjusting their diet, shaping effect will be good. It’s not easy to bounce back.


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